Bath time will be an enjoyable moment with the Cotoons baby bath seat!

From 6 months baby can be comfortably seated in his soft seat. When he will have fun by playing in the water, you will be able to wash him in safety!

You will only have to fix the seat on a smooth surface thanks to the included suckers. Easy to use, you will quickly adopt it!

Your child will love having fun with the shelf with many funny and playful activities: 1 squirter Wabap, 1 shower for Wabap, 1 water wheel, and 1 tumbler. He will be able to develop his curiosity and his coordination; all under your close supervision!

Once the bath is finished, you can get your little one out the seat thanks to the button system with dual action to slide the activity shelf.

It will then be easy for you to remove the seat from the bathtub thanks to the unclipping system of the suckers.

This bath ring will quickly become an essential element in your daily life!

For children aged 6 months and over - Made in France.

Dimensions: 42 x 34 x 25 CM

  • Made in  France


  • Article number: 110618
  • Age recommendation: 6 months - 2 years
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